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If someone continues to harass you like that would it be legally defensible to use pepper spray on them after you've repeatedly told them to leave you alone?



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I just wanted to say THANK YOU and everyone else who escort these people into the clinics. I would love to do it but I'm not sure if I could restrain myself from cursing or hitting a protester. Once again thank you for your service.


"Christian" family has baby murdered -unsensored


This is the sickest bit of harassment I’ve seen in a while. How many times do they tell her to leave them alone and how many times does she keep going.

They Hate Your Baby


Women hysterically screaming with a baby in her arms. Worry about yourself, lady.

Douglas Karpen Still Killing Babies


Holding camera’s over fences to film doctors and workers. Harassment, pure and simple.

Walking with backwards bob and “counseling” friend


Video I took on Saturday.

"Go home and be blessed by this child"

"These escorts don’t care about you"

"This is the wrong decision"

This sounds less like “counseling” and more like “telling someone their opinion”

Counselors don’t do that. Counselors listen to their patient.

The fact that they use the “sidewalk counseling” label is a joke.

“Just drop it off at the fire station! It’s free!”
— Anti-choice protestor, Granite City, IL


It doesn’t matter why you need/had an abortion (didn’t use protection, birth control failed, you can’t afford a/another child, don’t want to be pregnant, lost a wanted pregnancy, don’t want a baby right now) - I will support you no matter what.

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John Preaching at Planned Parenthood


It starts off with him talking about making soap out of dead bodies. It only goes down from there.

Elise Talking About the Need for Repentance


Kids at the abortion clinic being used as props and parroting.

Just. Gross.